Wednesday, December 2, 2015

New Urbanist Guru Victor Hoskins Mesmerized County Board Chair During 'Invitation Only' County Board Meeting


We were, and are, appalled by the secretive antics the County Board and County Staff engaged in scheduling the 'invitation only' County Board Meeting on November 20th, to celebrate County Board Chair and WMATA Board Member Mary 'Safety Last' Hynes's so-called 'planning' for Arlington's so-called 'economic future'.

The County Board's Brain Trust's invitation-only Breakfast Meeting on November 20th was more of the same old, same old, with a bunch of middle-aged geezers toasting and applauding County Board Chair Mary Hynes's and New Urbanist Guru of Multi-Modal Gridlock Victor Hoskins's agenda for Arlington - neighborhood-by-neighborhood urbanization, while poaching in DC and other jurisdictions for more Millennials with extravagantly-compensated Top Secret security clearances.

No minority group members are ever seen on  the video of Arlington's decision makers. Obviously, County Government isn't about us, it's about yet another in-group of VIP Democrats appointed to another advisory group that, after much deliberation, tells County Board members what they want to hear.

But what else is new in Arlington?

Cindy, 22206