Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hynes, Democratic Machine Host Big Fundraiser for 'Independent' Libby Garvey

Hi Yupette,

The Democratic Machine hosted a big campaign fundraiser and organizational meeting yesterday for Libby Garvey (who claims she will be an "independent voice" on the all-Democratic County Board).

Libby was having a good old time with her ACDC pals at Mary's home and is hard to see how she would be independent of Zimmerman. So look for more of the same if she's elected.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Garvey and Kelly Sit Sucking Thumbs at County Board Meeting While County Board Socks Homeowners With Big Tax Hike

Hello, Yupette,

I am not only disgusted with the County Board for socking homeowners with a big tax hike to pay for its pet projects but outraged that Democratic candidate for County Board Libby Garvey and Republican candidate for County Board Mark Kelly sat in the back of the county board room sucking their thumbs. (I heard that Audrey Clement has a very ill sister who she's visiting, so she can be excused for not attending).

But really, I mean really, for a Democratic and Republican candidate to just sit there and not even call for fiscal restraint by a County Board that's already flush with taxpayer cash from assessment increases is unconscionable. Who is in charge of county government, a one-party Republicratic regime? Does anyone care about homeowners anymore? Does anyone feel sympathy for taxpayers who have not had a salary or cost of living increase in years? I would like to know who wrote the letters sent to the County Board asking it to raise taxes. Same people who show up en masse at County Board meetings asking that their pet recreation project be funded?

Libby Garvey and Mark Kelly are poor excuses for candidates. I'm going to ask Audrey Clement what she thinks about this outrageous treatment of residents and taxpayers when I see her at the farmer's market.

Thanks for your blog.