Monday, December 5, 2016

Four Run Mile Valley Insiders' Planning Charade Continues

Hi Yupette,

I live in the Four Mile Run Valley and dropped in the FMRV planning charettes several times over the past few days.

Anyone who calls what's been happening regarding FMRV planning "planning charades" has got it right. Any suggestion I made about preserving open space as open space was immediately disparaged by both so-called "community leaders" and Arlington's so-called "planning staff". Any suggestion I made about mitigating traffic and parking resulting from new parks and rec amenities was also dissed.

Appears to me FMRV parks and recreation spaces will be packed with as many people, activities, and vehicles as possible. And, based on County Government's patronage, aka vote-buying with tax dollars, multi-neighborhood canine care centers will be juxtaposed with performing arts centers and a big new WETA production facility.

So, we have to ignore these "planning charades" and determine what the County Board actually promised the performing arts groups, among others, a year or more ago.

No Way, BTW, will I ever vote for Jay Fisette who got all this started, 20 years ago.

Bethany, 22206