Thursday, October 22, 2015

Parents Report Non-Residents Attending Arlington Public Schools 'Out of Control'

Hello, Yupette,

Worried about SUVs running Stop signs near Arlington's public schools? Ever wonder where the SUVs are coming from? Lots of them are driven by a parent who lives outside the County, typically a County employee whose family moved out of Arlington years ago and is keeping its kid(s) enrolled in one of Arlington's excellent schools until the kid or kids graduate.

It was one thing when 400 families were doing this. Number of families now using some address in Arlington to enroll their kids in our school system is at least 600 and increasing. These are not refugee families from Central America, they are families who are economic refugees from Arlington's Smart Growth gentrification. Do the math $20,000 x 600 = $12 million per year.

Oh, APS, Arlington Education Association, PTAs, Arlington Democratic Party, and parents know all about this illegal abuse but no parent will say anything for fear of reprisals. The Democratic Party that controls the Arlington Public Schools has been using this as patronage for decades.

You can be assured that I will not vote for any Democrat on November 3rd.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

SUV Parent Scofflaws Endorse Dorsey

Hi Cindy,

What is it with so many parents running Stop signs mornings and afternoons at Abingdon School and other schools in Arlington where dropping off and picking up students is so prevalent that school buses are a third full?

At Abingdon School, PTA parent and County Board candidate Christian Dorsey promised parents who drive their kids to school there would continue to be no enforcement of Stop sign and speeding traffic ordinances during school arrival and dismissal times. Dorsey and his family live near Columbia Pike, not anywhere near Abingdon School.

Like most Abingdon parents who don't live in the Abingdon School neighborhood Christian Dorsey believes that Abingdon neighbors are 'nuisances' whose quality-of-life concerns should be ignored. Not hard to imagine what kind of County Board member he'd be.

Even worse, the Arlington Education Association, which endorsed Christian Dorsey, is well-aware of scofflaw parents zooming through residential neighborhoods in Arlington. But AEA won't say anything for fear of offending teachers and school staff who also zoom through neighborhoods when they're late for work.

As for the Arlington Police, we have a 100% reactive police force so I expect nothing from them. They are so bad that two of them live near S. 29th and S. Abingdon and have zero concern about our neighborhood.

Given Christian Dorsey's F--- Y-- attitude towards this neighborhood there is no way I'm voting for him on November 3rd.

Thanks for this blog.

S. 29th St.