Monday, January 9, 2017

Arlington Progressives Move On - From Re-Segregation to Apartheid

Hey Yupette,

If you thought the Arlington Democratic Party's "Resegregation Through Gentrification" Program was insipid, wait until you experience what's next on ACDC's Progressive agenda - Apartheid.

Yup, what Arlington Dems decided at the joint County Board Majority / Arlington Democratic Party organizational meeting, held at "Gentrification Jay" aka "Gourmet Jay" Fisette's estate on New Year's Day was to stop dithering with charades like "affordable housing" that isn't affordable and a "car-free diet" that's actually a "more-car diet", and just drive the middle class undesireables out to the outer-outer suburbs and completely replace them with an educated Caucasian Elite with a massive amount of disposable income.

In the event you wondered why the County Board won't allow better-government activists to pull County Board Meeting Consent Agenda items anymore, why Westover Progressives have been spewing hatred at people who live in Westover apartment buildings, why the ACDC-controlled Civic Federation only has a couple of delegates (if that many) from minority groups attending monthly meetings, why Arlington undercover police officers intimidate minorities from attending County Board and Advisory Committee meetings, and so on, it's because Arlington's Progressives want to take the last step in the County's 35 year evolution while they've been in power - from a vibrant middle-class County to total Apartheid. Aided and abetted by elected state and federal VIP PlutoCrats and media owners and publishers who are out-and-out corporate pirates.

Thanks for the AY blog. Keep wearing that Trader Joe's shopping bag.

FedUp Dem

Oh, BTW, Peter Rousselot is driving the Urban Village Idiots nuts with his weekly columns on ArlNow.