Friday, February 13, 2015

Taj Mahal 'Transitional Facility' for Pub Crawlers to County Board on February 21st

Hey Yupette,

Please be aware, if you aren't already, that there's a site plan coming before the County Board on February 21st to replace low-density neighborhood infrastructure at North Rolfe Street and Fairfax Drive with a 395 unit mixed-use redevelopment with more than 400 parking spaces and 190 bicycle parking spaces on-site. There will also be a new County-owned 5-story 14-unit Taj Mahal "transitional facility" for pub crawlers coming out of rehab to replace the present transitional dormitory.

The County will also give the McLean developer more than 85,000 square feet of bonus density and 19,000 square feet of County-owned property on-site for 4 units of affordable housing at 40% or AMI and 4 units at 50% of AMI. The remaining 31 units at 60% of AMI are (according to County Staff) for the pub crawlers coming out of the transitional facility. The developer will also build a 6,400 square foot pocket park as a community benefit, though the County owns open space on site. The remainder of the bonus density will be awarded for the usual LEED Gold and Silver construction.

No estimate of the impact of the "family unit" housing, affordable and market rate, on the APS school population. No estimate of the impacts of 400 motor vehicles and 190 bicycles on the neighborhood's streets and sidewalks, except for the usual "don't worry, be happy, ride Metro." Another giveaway to a Fairfax County or out-of-state developer facilitated by County Staff who aren't County residents.

Thanks for your blog.

Mike, 22201