Tuesday, July 26, 2016

County Board Makes Mega Deals While Existing Infrastructure Crumbles

Hey Yupette,

I let the newspapers I read accumulate for a couple weeks and thought I would toss them in the paper recycling bin located on the Pike at South Four Mile Drive. Surprise. There wasn't just the usual amount of construction debris, and household junk the Goodwill store across the street won't accept, there was so much junk dumped around the recycling bins that there was no way I could toss in my newspapers. The little parking lot was packed with home improvement contractors' trucks, so that's a likely source of the construction debris. Who in DES gave the contractors permission to park in this lot and dump debris on this site?

Meanwhile, County Board spends its time making mega deals for Pike redevelopment. Latest was Wellington Apartments, where the "affordable housing" will be for Millennials who work at the Pentagon.

Oh, BTW, this is Katie Cristol's and Christian Dorsey's neighborhood.

Thanks for your blog.

Pike Rider, 22204