Thursday, November 5, 2009

Guest Thread: How Many Non-Resident Children Illegally Attend Arlington Schools?

Hi Yupette,

My kids attend Arlington schools and we live in the Westover community. Is there any good estimate of how many non-resident children attend Arlington schools illegally? That is both parents live outside Arlington.

Thanks in advance for the thread.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Yuppiecrat + Yupublican = Yupublicrat

Hi Yupette,

I worked the polls yesterday. What Yupette blogs about one party government in Arlington is true. Based on the behavior of the people from the two major parties that were interacting with voters I would say we definitely have one-party government in Arlington - the Yupublicratic Party. Anyone have a different perspective?


Monday, November 2, 2009

Hynes Confirms $90-$100 Million Budget Shortfall Next Year, States Things Will Get Worse in 2011

In an election-eve statement to several Arlington County civic associations, Arlington County Board Member Mary Hynes confirmed that Arlington County will likely experience a $90 million to $100 million budget shortfall in 2010 and that Arlington's economy will be even worse in 2011. She also stated that Arlington County would close the budget gap of $90 to $100 million "through some combination of tax and fee increases and cuts in services." The County's current budget is about $1 billion.

McDonnell's Virginia Would Be Like Jeb Bush's Florida

Hi Yupette -

Want to see what Bob McDonnell's Virginia would be like? You only have to ask anyone who suffered from 8 years of "King Jeb" Bush's rule over Florida. How about a thread?


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fisette's "Green" Buildings Are Big Energy Wasters

Hi Yupette,

I was able to track the County Board's approval process for so-called "green" buildings. In fact, Jay Fisette and the County Board allow developers to amass enough "green" credits that have nothing to do with energy efficiency via the LEED scoring system to "certify" energy in-efficient buildings (some of which are energy pigs) as "green". This has been going on for years. Jay Fisette is as green as one of the piles of coal at the Mirant (pronounced Moran) generating station, just across Four Mile Run, after a snow storm.


Arlington County Board - At Large Representation, or Legislative Districts?

Here's the thread. Yea or Nay? A.Y.