Monday, July 29, 2013

'Pave the Bay' $ierra Club Endorses Fi$ette

Hey Yupette,

Bad enough that Jay Fi$ette just voted for a site plan that includes an energy pig building with 885 parking spaces in parking garages under the building. Now he's been endorsed by the 'Pave the Bay' $ierra Club. Those lovable environmentalists who are destroying Chesapeake Bay, McMansion by bayfront McMansion, Marina by bayfront Marina, while telling Arlingtonians (who live 70 miles from the Bay) that we can't spend enough on wastewater and stormwater treatment. Then there's the Columbia Pike $treetcar which would (like the rest of Arlington) be powered by electricity generated by nuclear and combustion, much of the combustion derived from burning 'mountaintop coal'. Face it, the $ierra Club and Fi$ette are nothing but wealthy Republicrat elitists who derive power from destroying the environment, while brainwashing the sheeple into believing otherwise.