Saturday, October 30, 2010

Vote NO on All Three Virginia Constitutional Issues

A.Y. recommends that Arlington Voters vote NO on all three Virginia constitutional ballot questions.

Question 1: Should Virginia's counties and cities be able to determine how poor or disabled a person must be before qualifying for an exemptiomn from paying local real estate taxes?

BEFORE Virginia goes down the Frost Belt states' road of awarding homeowners partial to total real estate tax exemptions for anything or everything, the General Assembly must determine what that profligate give-away will cost ALL of Virginia's homeowners.

Question 2: Should Virginia's veterans who are 100% disabled receive a total tax exemption on property taxes paid on their primary residences?

Totally disabled Veterans receive between $2600 and $3400 per month tax free, as well as lifetime free health care, mortgage benefits, and other federal veterans benefits. Congress should determine whether to award additional federal Veterans benefits based upon actual need.

Question 3 would allow the State of Virginia to set aside more "rainy day" funds during "good times".

The State of Virginia experiences a population growth of between 80,000 and 100,000 per year, year after year and decade after decade. The State of Virginia must base budgets on actual and projected needs, not upon the wants and desires of the Governor and General Assembly.

Arlington Yupette

Friday, October 29, 2010

Vote NO to Reitsfuhrer Zimmerman's Parks Bond Taxpayer Rip Off

Hi Yupette,

Have you seen the Vote Yes for Park Bonds signs on the streets? Well. the signs were paid for by Boss Zimmerman's pals who want the 2010 bond fund revenue to be put into the parks bond slush funds with previous bond revenue. These park bonds don't go for parks that benefit everyone - they go to Zimmerman's, Fisette's, etc. pet vanity projects.

Please vote no to more of Reitsfuhrer Zimmerman's taxpayer rip offs on November 2nd.

Cindy, 22206

Zimmerman, County Board, Creating Township-Village Tax Structure

Hi Yupette,

Do you know what the TIF really is? It's a scheme to create a de facto township - village tax structure, as exists in the states where Zimmerman, Favola, and Fisette grew up (New York, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania). Neighborhood Conservation creates de facto urban villages. So if a TIF /township is created for East Falls Church, Tuckahoe could be a village inside the TIF. Don't live within a TIF? Don't live within a neighborhood / urban village that contributes heavily to re-elect incumbents? You lose both ways. TIF gets your tax dollars for infrastructure, urban village gets your tax dollars for traffic calming and beautification, or whatever the County Board's ward heelers and County Board members think the urban village "needs".

Sandi, Arlington Ridge

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Zimmerman-Baird Crystal City, Pentagon City, Potomac Yards TIF Makes 2010 Bond Referenda "Extremely Risky".

Hi Yupette,

Do Arlington Voters know what they are really voting for when they/we are asked to approve the 2010 Bond Issues on this year's ballot? The 2010 Bond Referenda are going to be extremely risky to Arlington County's credit rating given that Zimmerman and Baird committed County Government to strip General Revenue funds to provide Zimmerman, Fisette, Tejada, and Favola with between $14 million and $20 million each year for the next 6 years via the Crystal City, Potomac Yards, and Pentagon City TIF to build their pet vanity projects. These projects will be not only very expensive to build but to staff and maintain. Another $14-$20 million a year or more.

Given that County Government will face a $14 million deficit next year, how long can Baird and Zimmerman keep the fiscal mismanagement bubble growing (with tacit support from their Republican pals) before it bursts?

My view - voting for the 2010 Bond Referenda would be extremely unwise.

I no longer wonder why Mike Brown departed the scene. Who wants to be responsible for operating a ship where the captain and crew are fiscal looney tunes?

Ken - 22207

Zimmerman + Baird = Trailer Classrooms for Arlington's Students

Hi Yupette,

What's one big result of the County Board's funding pet projects and its giveaways to the real estate trusts? The school system will have to rent or buy a lot more trailer classrooms. As many as 200 in 5 years, up from 60 today (which is bad enough).

Thanks to profligate taxation and spending by Zimmerman and now diversion of General Fund revenues to Zimmrman's, Fisette's, Favola's and Tejada's pet projects through the TIF rip-off our children will be spending years more in trailer classrooms.

This is the same pirate crew that endorsed Sally Baird, in case you haven't noticed Sally's campaign signs.

Wakefield Parent

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fiscal Responsibility Activists Censure County Board Over Crystal City 'Slush Fund'

Hello Yuppete,

A friend called me this morning and said I had to go to the Arlington County Government Web site ( and watch the fireworks at last night's County Board meeting over the County's TIF for Crystal City. It was Item 38 on the agenda.

Incredible - the County Board not only approved funding it's own $200 million-plus "slush fund" from General Fund tax revenues for it's pet vanity projects but let the REITS and developers off scot free of having to pay for any new public infrstruture not only in Crystal City, but in Pentagon City and Potomac Yards too. What a taxpayer rip off.

Thank you Mr. Atkins, Ms. Quinn, and Mr. Hurysz for going after these reprehensible people who get themselves elected year after year and even call themselves "Democrats". What a pack of scoundrels.

Margaret 22207

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Christmas in October Continues - October 26th County Board Meeting

Hey, Yupette,

Christmas in October continues this evening at the County Board meeting. Items on the agenda include gifts for the Artisphere, the Washington Golf and Country Club, and an $82 million pot of gold from establishing a special tax district encompassing Crystal City, Pentagon City, and Potomac Yards for the County's Board's pet vanity projects (Fisette's Aquatic Center, Zimmerman's light rail, etc).

Looks to me that any benefits that may accrue to ordinary citizens as the result of this "Christmas in October" session will be purely co-incidental.

Bonnie - Arlington Ridge

Monday, October 25, 2010

Sun Gazette Slams Baird, School System

Hello Yupette:

The Arlington Sun Gazette slammed both Sally Baird and the Arlington School System today, providing a laundry list of serious problems and failures ranging from extravagant unnecessary spending to a drop-out rate that's a "barely-concealed scandal".

The Sun Gazette confirms what I and other parents have known all along - four more years of Sally Baird on the School Board will be a disaster for our children.

Donna - Wakefield Parent

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Citizens Slam County Board for Lies, Dishonesty, at County Board Meeting

Hi Yupette,

Did you see the citizen comments at the beginning of yesterday's County Board meeting? The County Board was criticized by ordinary citizens not connected to the Republicratic Machine for lies and dishonesty related to public library funding, EFC redevelopment, and the County's traffic calming charades.

Thanks for this blog. The view in my neighborhood is that it's time for a change - starting by voting out Zimmerman and Baird on November 2nd.

Linda - Arlington Ridge