Saturday, January 28, 2012

VDOT Presented 3 Major Options for I-66 to Transportation Commission

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On January 26th VDOT presented three major 'preliminary mobility options' for I-66 to to Arlington Transportation Commission. They are:

A. HOV Restrictions

I-66 lanes in both directions are designated Bus/HOV during peak periods. No new lanes added. In the peak direction, all lanes are Bus/HOV3+ only during peak periods (no change from CLRP). In the reverse peak direction, all lanes are Bus/HOV 2+ only during peak periods. In off-peak periods all lanes are open to all traffic.

B. I-66 Bus/HOV/HOT Lane System

Converts I-66 into an electronically tolled Bus/HOV/high occupancy toll (HOT) roadway.

Testing two options: (1) no new lanes (2) one new lane in each direction. Single occupancy vehicle (SOV) and HOV 2 vehicles tolled. Bus/HOV 3+ vehicles - no tolls. Tolls applies to all lanes in both directions, 24/7.

C. I-66 Capacity Enhancement

Two options that add a lane in both directions:

Option 1:

Peak hours, peak direction - New & Existing lanes Bus/HOV 3+
Peak hours, reverse peak direction - New lane Bus/HOV2+; Existing lanes general purpose.

Option 2:
Peak hours, peak direction - New & Existing lanes Bus/HOV 3+
Peak hours, reverse peak direction - New & Existing lanes general purpose

No restrictions in the off-peak period in both options.

[I-66 Arterials]
E. Arterial Capacity Enhancement

Enhance U.S. 50

Apply access management principles

Implement bus-only lane in each direction and improve bus service in the corridor (e.g., Priority Bus with 10-minute headway)

Bus lane may be introduced by utilizing the shoulders on U.S. 50.

Although coded as Priority Bus, this option will also reveal if demand warrants a higher-capacity mode such as light rail.

These are the major options, see VDOT's Web site for the other mobility options.

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Kelly, Arlington Republicans Moving to the Right

Hello Yupette,

More than 4,300 Arlington voters (and it appears that many who voted are Independents) turned out on a miserable day to participate in the Democratic Caucus.

But what about the Arlington Republican Party and it's candidate for County Board, Mark Kelly?

Mark is no longer employed by the Heritage Foundation. He now works on the Hill as Legislative Director and Deputy Chief of Staff for Congressman Tim Huelskamp. Congressman Huelskamp is a Tea Party Republican who is way to the right of the Republican leadership in the House. He represents the 1st Congressional District of Kansas.

So what kind of legislation is Congressman Huelskamp sponsoring? An amendment to the 2012 Defense Department Appropriations Act that would prohibit Navy Chaplains from performing same-sex marriages. A bill that would prohibit the NRLB from certifying labor elections. An omnibus agricultural bill that would remove most EPA restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions, pesticides, and particulates.

Oh, although Congressman Huelskamp doesn't want any restrictions on gun ownership, he hasn't sponsored a bill defunding ATF - yet.

So that's who Mark Kelly works for now. Thanks for your blog.