Monday, July 10, 2017

County Board to Celebrate Christmas in July

Hey, Yupette,

It's that time of year again, Arlington County Board's semi-annual give-away to pet people, developers, and special interests, in accordance with its wants-not-needs Smart Growth agenda.

Unfortunately, taxpayers can't do much about it, since almost all the giveaways are on the part of the Consent Agenda that you need permission from a County Board member to discuss.

This year the County Board is outdoing previous Christmas in July celebrations by giving Bloomberg another corporate welfare gift, awarding stipends to wealthy performing arts groups, and appropriating millions for new outdoor sports infrastructure for the Arlington Regional Park System, in addition to the promised new performing arts center and team sports field house on Four Mile Run Drive.

Then there's the usual developer give-away site plan with no developer contribution for schools and essential public infrastructure.

Same County Board that last week discussed punitive means testing for seniors seeking real estate tax relief.

All but the most embarrassing (not that much embarrasses Arlington's one-party government anymore) consent agenda staff reports should be on-line at by Friday. So check them out.

L.K. from Williamsburg