Friday, January 14, 2011

Assessments Are Posted...Zimmy's Home Under Assessed Again

Hey, Yupette,

Real estate assessments for 2011 were posted today (Sorry, Scotty, Yupette scooped ya again). What is my tiny 1500 sq foot condo assessed for - $420,000. What is Chairman Zimmerman's nice big single family home in Douglas Park assessed for - $516,800. Zimmy does it yet again. Hey, also looks like the Assessor screwed up and raised Barbara Favola's home assessment. How did that happen?


EFC Residents - Back to the Drawing Board

Hello Yupette,

I am a very angry EFC homeowner of a single-family home and I will not go along with Zimmerman and his sleazy Planning Commissioner Nancy Hunt and the lawyers, Reits, and County Staffers, Chamber of Commerce Enablers like McCaffrey, and so-called Community Leaders, like Mike Nardolilly, (many, if not most of these people don't even live in Arlington County) trying to impose another Shirlington on my neighborhood.

What we want is to replace old buildings with new buildings that preserve the residential character of East Falls Church. Is that too much to ask? Only if you are part of an out-of-control County Government that counts one of its economic development "successes" requiring Trader Joes to only pay $500,000 in graft to open a new store in Clarendon.

PLEASE, EFC Homeowners, attend the so-called EFC "Planning" Meeting next Tuesday and prevent our community from being destroyed by Zimmerman and his lackeys in County Government who are enabling the REITs to take over Arlington, neighborhood by neighborhood.

Kim - EFC

EFC Residents Have the Right to Tranquility in Our Homes

Hello, Ms. Yupette,

Did you know that the Code of Virginia affords Virginians the absolute right to tranquility in our homes? It's in the Code of Virginia, Sections 18.2-418 and 18.2-419. Pretty specific that a group can't assemble near our homes and make a lot of noise. So why is Barbara Favola allowing this to happen in our Tuckahoe neighborhood to benefit her employer, Marymount University? She was elected to enforce the laws of Virginia, not the wants of her employer, for whom she is Chief Lobbyist.

Tuckahoe ES Parent

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"We Are Only Following Orders"

Hello, Yupette,

I called a person on Arlington's Planning Staff last week and talked with him about the EFC - Westover - Williamsburg give-way to Marymount and Bishop O'Connell HS. He was sympathetic (actually even lives in Arlington) but stated at the end of our conversation: "You have to understand. We are only following the County Board's orders. If you want to have any recourse about this project you should talk with Barbara Favola".

Dennis - EFC

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Citizens Demand McCaffrey Resign from Arlington Chamber's BOD

Hello, Yupette,

Like many other Arlington residents, I was shaken by the letter that appeared on this week's Arlington Sun Gazette opinion pages. Obviously, Sun Gazette Editor Scott McCaffrey has a massive conflict of interest between being Managing Editor of the SG and his position on the Executive Committee of the Arlington Chamber of Commerce.

Scott has ignored any criticism about this matter and the only response he's published on his blog stated that the SG is "not a reputable newspaper" but a real estate supplement with Scott's news and views attached.

You sure could have fooled me, and I'm a former Civic Federation Delegate. The CivFed and all the political candidates have taken Scott and his civic news and political endorsements very seriously over the years.

It is time for Mr. McCaffrey to immediately resign from the Arlington Chamber's Board of Directors. Moreover, if the Sun Gazette's parent corporation, American Community Newspapers, had any pretense of actually being "for the community" it would have not allowed Mr. McCaffrey to pursue his real estate and chamber of commerce interests against the community's interests, and would have brought in a new Managing Editor for the Sun Gazette when American Community Newspapers shed it's irresponsible managers and emerged from bankruptcy last year.

Westover Resident

I'm Gay...And I Don't Like Jay

Hello Ms. Yupette,

I have to ask the question after living here five years. What is Arlington to the gay men and lesbians who (by all indications) are the critical decision makers - Neverland on the Potomac?

I am sick and tired of seeing a sexual identity become a lifestyle, a cult, a religion, a religious cult.

Why do I have to conform to whatever Jay Fisette and the people around him decide is in my best interests? Wasn't he elected to serve everyone's interests, Democrat, Republican, gay, not gay, whatever?

Thanks for this blog.


Monday, January 10, 2011

Thumbs Down to Sun Gazette for Promoting O'Leary's Environmentally Destructive Car Tax Decal Program

Hello Yupette,

I am just amazed that the County Board and the local media, specifically the Arlington Sun Gazette, would endorse County Treasurer Frank O'Leary's car tax decal program. This program unnecessarily generates at least 10 tons of plastic and paper waste every year. I have to believe that Jay Fisette's citizens environmental committee is another County Board charade for allowing this kind of environmental damage to continue. Where are the Republican and Green parties? The Arlington Green Party is keen to keep plastic out of the environment. The Republican Party is always complaining about wasted tax dollars. I guess they must be sitting around watching the NFL playoffs together and carping about County Government during commercials.