Friday, June 30, 2017

County Government Doesn't Just Taj Mahal Schools, County Government Taj Mahals Everything

Hey Yupette,

So more talk about so called Taj Mahal schools, this time by last-minute County Board candidate Charles McCullough II? Earth to Chuck -- County isn't just about Taj Mahal schools, the County has been about Taj Mahal EVERYTHING for the past decade...schools, parks, sports fields, and lots more. Like Taj Mahal LED street lights that don't light the street, like a Trades Center full of expensive construction equipment. Like police, fire, and EMS providing Taj Mahal security for bar crawls and earning lots of overtime. Like Taj Mahal parking lots for school buses and ART buses. In fact, everything this tiny County does is very expensive. But what can you expect when one-party government's been in power for more than 35 years and getting elected and re-elected depends of buying votes with tax dollars....lots of tax dollars?


Carolyn from Ashton Heights