Friday, January 6, 2012

DOD Reductions Mandate An End To Extravagant County Board Spending

Hi Yupette,

The Defense Department is facing significant reductions in its budgets over the next decade, totaling $487 billion. The Army alone will be cut by 14%.

Time for a moratorium on any new spending by the County Board for new vanity projects - Pike trolley, purchase and renovation of a $25 million office building, spending $100-$200 million more on Long Bridge Park, continuing to operate the Artisphere, and so on.

Added to the DOD budget cuts are a freeze in pay for civilian federal workers and anemic creation of good paying non-federal jobs.

Only County Board candidate who I see as being responsive and responsible regarding the new economic reality is Audrey Clement. That's why I'm voting for her in March.

Linda - 22207

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Odor of Burning Jet Fuel 'Overpowering' at Long Bridge Park

Hello, Yupette,

I visited Long Bridge Park on Christmas day and the odor of burning jet fuel (kerosene) was overpowering. Not hard to determine where the kerosene odor was coming from - Reagan Airport. After 15 minutes I felt sick and left the park.

Returned to Long Bridge Park today. Same overpowering odor of burning kerosene. Does the County expect kids to play soccer in that environment?

As for the park itself, appears the County spent most of the $35 million Long Bridge Park has so far cost building mountains of of dirt upon which to construct 3 soccer fields, an overlook, and a parking lot.

Terri, 22201