Saturday, November 6, 2010

Post Report - Metro Was Not Following Its Own Escalator / Elevator Maintenance Standards

Hi Yupette,

Well I'm definitely no longer commuting to work via MetroRail. The Post reported today that Metro does not regularly inspect its elevators and escalators. What kind of public transportation system is WMATA, anyway? In Virginia we have to get our brakes checked every year as part of the annual safety inspection to be able to register our vehicles. And I thought escalators and elevators were supposed to be inspected every year. Every day another unpleasant surprise from WMATA.

Terri --- 22201

Friday, November 5, 2010

Another Week - Another Scathing Post Report About Metrorail Safety

Hello Yupette,

Looks as though the Metro Station escalator problem is more serious than previously reported. Sixteen Metro passengers were injured. The escalator failure was catastrophic. Meanwhile, out here in Virginia, the Post reports the new Silver Line includes every cosmetic amenity that WMATA Board Member Chris "Lipstick on a Pig" Zinmmerman ordered but excludes basic security features.

I've had it. I won't ride Metrorail again until Chris Zimmerman resigns from the WMATA Board. Let's replace the politricksters on the WMATA Board with transportation professionals.

Larry - 22201

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Next Up for Re-Selection: Mary 'Party's Over Here' Hynes

Hey Yupette,

Guess who's up for re-selection to the County Board next year? Arlington's most awesome Partyer, Mary 'Party's Over Here' Hynes. She was soooo awesome on the School Board, making my kid's school (Abingdon Elementary) into a world class kids' party zone. Party only ended when some dorky parents complained that their kids weren't learning, only partying. Weren't learning what? How to read and write? Who needs reading and writing. My daughter, little Buffy, can't read or write and she's a Barbara Favola Scholar at Marymount University, majoring in in Soccer and minoring in Field Hockey. I'm soooo happy Mary has successfully transitioned - from making dull schools into party schools to making this dull County into an exciting Party Zone.

Buffington Muffington

Greens Scored Against Well-Financed, Media Supported Incumbents

Congratulations to Kevin Chisholm, Ron Fisher, and Miriam Gennari for doing well against well-funded and media-supported incumbents. Green and Independent candidates need only one more thing to win - enough campaign funds to overcome the incumbents' campaign financing advantage and the significant media bias against third party and independent candidates.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Zimmerman Continues Metro's 'Safety Last' Agenda

Anyone else read the Post's Metro Section report regarding WMATA's comprehensive employee safety survey?

First paragraph from the Post report:

Saftey breaches seen by many


Few report problems; some fear retaliation

By Ann Scott Tyson

"Only 10 percent of Metro employees said they had not witnessed a safety breach in the past year, according to an unprecedented safety survey completed by more than 9,300 workers. Almost 30 percen6tt said they did not know if they had."

Chris Zimmerman could care less about passenger and Metrorail employee safety. All he cares about is station cosmetics. No way I will vote for Chris Zimmerman on Tuesday; he should be off the Metro Board and County Board.

Former Metro Rider