Friday, April 10, 2015

Vihstadt Exposes FAAC Charade at Budget Work Session

Hey Yupette,

I tuned into the County Board - County Manager Budget Work Session yesterday, broadcast over the County's Web site. It's great that we elected John Vihstadt. He asks lots of important questions and the Democrats on County Board and in the County Manager's Office are annoyed.

One question he asked the Chairman of the Fiscal Affairs Advisory Commission yesterday was "Who votes for the FAAC's recommendations?" Turns out the authorized strength of the FAAC is 15 members, 13 presently serve on the Commission, and typically 8 (or fewer) show up for a meeting. Turns out that the votes for FAAC's various budget line item recommendation take place over weeks and whomever shows up for a meeting votes. The FAAC is supposed to reflect what County residents want or don't want, since we don't get to debate budget line items with the County Board and County Manager. But it appears the FAAC votes for or against budget line items reflect various constituencies whose members show up at FAAC meetings and vote for what interests them. But we already knew the annual Budget meetings are a big charade, and FAAC is a small part.

Thanks for this blog.

 Ken, 22207

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

County to Implement Hybrid Dual Offices for Internal Audits


According to a presentation at the County Board - County Manager FY 16 Budget Work Session on April 7th, the County will implement a hybrid dual office approach to internal audits beginning in July. The County Auditor will report to the County Board. The County Auditor's Office will be overseen by an Audit Committee composed of two County Board Members, the County Manager, Department of Management and Finance Director, and one member of the Fiscal Affairs Advisory Commission. The County Auditor will be focused on program and operational audits.

An Internal Audit Office will be established within the Department of Management and Finance and would be focused on internal control and core financial audits. The Staff would report to the DMF Director.

Both offices would have an annual workplan and would publish reports in line with the Institute of Internal Auditors best practice guidelines.

This County Board - County Manager FY 16 Budget Work Session appears on video on the County Board's Web site.