Friday, April 20, 2012

County Board to 'Shirlington' Rosenthal Auto, Bergmanns

Hello Yupette,

More bad news for those of us who live in Arlington and want our County to remain suburban. The County Board and its non-resident REITs, developers, lawyers, architects, county staff, etc., are going to replicate Shirlington on the Rosenthal auto dealer site on the Pike and the Bergmanns cleaners site on Lee Highway.

That is, massive parking and vehicle trips, little or no on-site affordable housing for all the restaurant and retail jobs that will be created, and no additional community infrastructure, playgrounds, community activities center, etc.

Another corporate welfare gift for the County Board's pet corporate cronies, facilitated by the usual crew of the County Board's pet 'community leaders'.

Oh, by the way, same Libby Garvey who has said nothing and done nothing about the Shirlington mess that affects her own community is now on the County Board.

Mike, 22204