Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Park Shirlington Redevelopment - Huge Brick Warehouse Apartment Buildings Pre-Approved by County Board

Hey, Yupette,

Home Properties Incorporated (an Upstate New York Corporation that's been de-investing in Upstate NY for more than two decades) filed a preliminary site plan for Park-Shirlington redevelopment with Arlington County. The plans depict massive sprawl warehouse apartment buildings with many windows that supposedly conform to nearby Fairlington's architecture. No way does this site plan have anything whatsoever to do with Fairlingon's historic suburban planning.. Based upon what I could determine from the plans, this project will massively impact Fairlington in a massively negative way. Project was pre-approved by County Board Members Favola, Fisette, Hynes, Tejada and Zimmerman  during private meetings with Home Properties in early 2011. Did I mention that County "Planning" Staff is already trashing Fairlington residents who won't "go along with the program"?

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