Thursday, September 5, 2013

Time is Right for Jim Moran to Announce He's Retiring

Hi, Yupette,

I also attended the Arlington Civic Federation candidates' forum on Tuesday.

I was impressed by the younger Democrats in the General Assembly, Patrick Hope, Rob Krupicka, and Alfonso Lopez. They have lots of energy and get good legislation passed in a House of Delegates that's overwhelmingly Republican.

Seems to me now's the appropriate time for Congressman Moran to announce he's retiring. He hasn't done much in Congress since the Tea Party took control of the House. Even without his problems with ethics and his famous temper he's been just hanging out in the House of Representatives for years.

Time to give the 8th District a Representative who can get legislation passed that's important to the District while keeping faith with his or her progressive values. Time's right for Jim Moran announce he's retiring, and for a multi-candidate primary next year to choose his successor.


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Civfed Forum: Clement the Only Serious County Board Candidate

Hey, Yupette,

I attended the CivFed's candidate forum last night and was not impressed by either Jay Fisette or write-in candidate Stephen Holbrook, who showed up dressed in a Hawaiian shirt and handed out copies of his platform, a poorly-written rambling statement against taxes, food stamps, homeless shelters, Medicaid, and so on.

Jay Fisette's presentation also consisted of rambling statements which were not true (fiscally conservative, fair and independent voice on the County Board) and statements promoting his personal beliefs and lifestyle.

(Since ethics in government was a topic of discussion among candidates last night, can Jay please provide a list of his domestic partner's consulting clients who regularly come before the County Board)?

Which leaves Audrey Clement, who presented a list of specific proposals for improving Arlington County Government and residents' quality of life, ranging from imposing fiscal constraints on runaway spending, to improving Arlington's public libraries, to installing solar on all the County's public buildings for electric power and providing hot water for building heating and various uses inside buildings.

No contest. Any fair and impartial observer would have scored Audrey Clement the clear winner over Jay Fisette.

It was disconcerting to observe that the number of persons who attended last night's forum who are not CivFed delegates exceeded the number of delegates.