Friday, October 14, 2011

Sun Gazette Editor Scott McCaffrey is Completely in the Pockets of Developers.

Hello Yupette,

I had to laugh out loud when I read that Scott McCaffrey's chief reason for not endorsing Audrey Clement for County Board is because she believes 'developers are the power behind the scene in Arlington governance'.

Scott McCaffrey is a member of the Arlington Chamber of Commerce's Executive Committee, and, when not writing features and editorials in favor of mega-development in Arlington, serves as Vice-Chair of the Chamber's Economic Development and Government Affairs Division, where he facilitates mega-development in Arlington.

Scott McCaffrey is the second-worst local newspaper editor to be endorsing anyone for anything. The worst is Yellow Dog Democrat and Falls Church News-Press Editor Nick Benton.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Clement Wins Lyon Park, Aurora Highlands Candidate Debates

Hello Yupette,

We attended the Aurora Highlands and Lyon Park candidate debates last night. Audrey Clement won both, hands down

All Walter Tejada and Mary Hynes did was support the status quo, and respond to resident concerns about mega-development with platitudes, excuses, and vague promises to 'see if we can do something'. It became obvious that, as Dr. Clement asserted, the County Board IS in the pockets of developers. Hynes and Tejada also supported more of the same 'planning' in Crystal City, Rosslyn, East Falls Church, and elsewhere that's predicted to cause significant quality-of-life problems in nearby residential neighborhoods. Hynes and Tejada also brushed aside residents' concerns about their exclusion from the planning process.

When asked about cutting wasteful programs, neither Walter nor Mary could think of one program to cut out of a $1 billion budget, while Audrey Clement recommended cutting the proposed $100 - $120 million Longbridge aquatic center / sports-recreation complex. As with the bar and nightclub mess in her own Clarendon neighborhood, Hynes admitted the County Board's share-the-road program is so dangerous its 'frightening', and 'needs to be looked at'. Audrey Clement responded that she doesn't own a motor vehicle and it's too dangerous to ride her bicycle in the evening commuting home from work. Dr. Clement followed up with a promise to work for a comprehensive transportation system before vehicular traffic reaches crisis levels.

Walter Tejada and Mary Hynes didn't adequately address the concerns of Aurora Highlands and Lyon Park residents, let alone propose solutions to problems created while they've served on the County Board.

It was obvious by evening's end that Audrey Clement is by far the best candidate for County Board.

Cindy and Susan

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Clement Won Yorktown Debate

Hello, Yupette,

Audrey Clement did it again tonight. Beat Mary Hynes hands down (Nada Tejada didn't bother attending).

Appears Mary and the County Board are getting even more irrational about the Pike streetcar, because now they want an expensive bus rapid transit system installed before installing an expensive streetcar system. Perhaps that's because Alexandria has always wanted BRT rather than a streetcar system. Or, maybe Arlington Democrats took a poll and discovered that Pike Corridor residents don't want a streetcar system.

Dr. Clement also lectured WMATA Board member Hynes about tonight's near-panic in the Rosslyn Metro station because of an apparent suicide attempt by a passenger at the Clarendon Metro station. It appears Metrorail's emergency station evacuation procedures are a mess, but what else is new at WMATA?

Oh, Audrey said it's time for VDOT to "grow up" about I-66 and Northern Virginia transportation planning and abandon its "shoot, fire , ready" approach. She's also for establishing an inspector general office in Arlington that would establish whether the County Board's budget priorities are rational.

As for Mary Hynes, except for her irrational endorsement of a BRT-streetcar system it was more of the same "don't happy...the County Board knows what's best" that we've seen all campaign season.

Cindy, 22207

Audrey Clement is Clearly the Best County Board Candidate

Hello, Yupette,

I attended the Lyon Village Civic Association's candidate debate last night. It seemed to me that the only candidate that wasn't for more of the same old that's gotten Arlington mired in traffic congestion, school overcrowding, and mega-development that's of, by, and for developers is Audrey Clement.

Dr. Clement wants the County Board to grow up, set priorities, (first is adequately addressing school overcrowding) and bring the problems caused by mega-development under control.

I was shocked to hear a Lyon Village resident describe the shambles that weekend revelers make of Mary Hynes's own neighborhood. I was dismayed by Walter Tejada's priorities - funding the hugely expensive Longbridge aquatic-recreation complex - projected to cost $130-$145 million for soccer fields, aquatic center, and multi-use recreation facility / soccer arena.

It was refreshing to hear Dr. Clement's 'fund basic needs first' approach to county government. That's EXACTLY what Arlington County needs. Audrey Clement has my vote on November 8th.

Ken, Lyon Village