Thursday, May 28, 2015

Audrey Clement Wins Arlington Chamber of Commerce Q and A Forum

Hi Yupette,

I also attended the Arlington Chamber of Commerce County Board Candidate Q and A Forum yesterday.

Audrey Clement clearly won. She directly answered the five questions related to business and economic development issues as they relate to Arlington, did not talk about herself at all, she only laid out what she's going to do for us on the County Board, and also clearly and succinctly laid out a positive economic future for Arlington. She was the only County Board candidate who advocated for tax relief for Arlington's businesses as a driver for economic growth.

The thing that most impressed me about Audrey's presentation was her assertion that the County must do something to reverse the ongoing deterioration of the Rosslyn, Ballston, and Columbia Pike streetscapes.

I was appalled to see the deterioration in the Rosslyn streetscape, around the Artisphere. Broken pavement and broken sidewalks everywhere. Is that World Class? I don't think so !!

So I'm voting for Audrey in November. You should too. The other candidates at the Chamber's Q and A session are pretty much for the same-old same-old.

Thanks for this blog.

Wendy, 22205

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Deal to Save Artisphere Being Negotiated

Hey Yupette,

I attended tonight's Chamber of Commerce County Board County Board candidates debate (which cost $25 to attend). Audrey Clement won the debate.

Spoke with a number of corporate movers and shakers and it appears a deal is being negotiated to save the Artisphere, as long as Arlington's taxpayers don't have to pay for the Artisphere's operation after June 30th. Closing the Artisphere WOULD be a loss because Arlington's sheeple taxpayers were reportedly fleeced for $7 million to pay for conversion from the Newseum, and the Artisphere is impeccably maintained. Depending on who you speak with in County Government the Artisphere cost Arlington's taxpayers $10 million to $15 million in operating expenses over the past 5 years and has never been in the black, although Economic Development has operated the Artisphere the past 3 years.

Although the wealthy performing arts crowd is lobbying the County to bail out the Artisphere again, that's unlikely to happen after the County Board voted to sell the Reeves Farm farmhouse last week. So the performing arts elite are going to have to dig into their own pockets for once to keep their party going. Of course all contributions by local fat cats to keep the Artisphere open are tax deductible, but the County's Limo Liberal and Country Club Republican Elites are notorious misers who are constantly looking for corporate welfare handouts from the County. So stay tuned for the details of the Artisphere rescue deal.

Ted - 22207