Saturday, November 21, 2009

County Board's 2010 Lay-Off Plan - Essential Employees Go First

According to County Staff who are preparing lay-off contingency plans for a large budget shortfall in Arlington County next year, employees who provide essential services would be the first target for lay-offs and early retirements, while County employees who are engaged in furthering the County Board's pet projects and special interests will have ample job security over the next several years.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Arlington Chamber of Commerce Sets Agenda for County Board

Recent reports about the Arlington Chamber of Commerce's Board of Directors meetings clearly indicate the the Arlington Chamber sets the agenda for the County Board. Therefore, Arlingtonians can expect I-66 to be widened and HOT lanes to be constructed on I-395. The Arlington Chamber's Board of Directors is unrepresentative of the racial, ethic, and economic diversity of Arlington County.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Alexandria DOT Hosting King Street - Route 7 Planning Charade on November 18th

On November 18th, the Alexandria Department of Transportation and Environmental Services will hold a public planning charade at Minnie Howard School, to discuss the Alexandria DOT's plans to dump massive BRAC traffic from Mark Center onto Walter Reed Drive and King Street / Route 7.

Minnie Howard School is located at 3801 West Braddock Road in Alexandria.

The planning charade will commence at 6 PM and end at 8 PM.

Arlington County has already given the green light for DOD to destroy several Arlington neighborhoods (including Claremont and Fairlington) with BRAC traffic from Mark Center, thanks to pressure from Congressman Jim Moran.