Monday, August 25, 2014

Arlington Democrat 'Super Nimbys' Facilitating Open Space 'Repurposing' for School Infrastructure

Hey Yupette,

Latest from the Arlington County Democratic Committee is Democratic 'Super Nimbys' like Jay Fisette have begun a campaign to categorize anyone who opposes in-fill of County and APS property with school infrastructure as 'Neighborhood Nuisances'.

That includes residents who live adjacent or near Thomas Jefferson Middle School and Abingdon Elementary School. Latest about Abingdon is not only will the open space adjacent to the school be converted to a lighted synthetic surface soccer field, but many, or most, of the native species hardwoods on the wooded slope between Abingdon School and the Trades Center will be cut down to 'facilitate'; Abingdon School's expansion. Of course, Jay has excepted his own Ashton Heights neighborhood from 'New Urbanism'.. So look for the usual gang of Arlington Democratic Committee 'Super Nimby' facilitators to be coordinating APS's school expansion projects.

Fed Up Dem