Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thirty Five Years of Yuppies


In the event it's slipped everyone's attention, we just passed an important milestone. Yup, it's been 35 years since Ronald Reagan was first inaugurated President. Can you believe the first yuppies (including the First Yuppie, born in 1961) are eligible to join AARP this year? We're on the third generation of Yuppies, GenX, GenY (aka Millennials) and now Gen Z. Hard to believe that 35 years ago there were no McMansions, no SUVs, no epidemic of Homelessness, and we were still fighting the Cold War with the Evil Empire. Stay tuned for Gen Z hitting the streets of Arlington as summer interns this Summer. Stay warm in the meantime.


Sunday, January 17, 2016

Don Beyer is Ambassador to Land Rover and Volvo in the 114th Congress

Hi, Yupette,

I also toured beautiful run down South Four Mile Run Drive last week together with the local VIP pols, including Congressman Beyer. Entire strip needed a makeover 20 years ago. Worst are the auto repair and collision shops.

So what has Congressman Beyer been doing for his district? Sponsoring limo liberal resolutions and environmental legislation in the House of Representatives. Which are bottled up in committee by the Republican Leadership.

But what Congressman Beyer is REALLY doing in Congress is acting as unofficial Ambassador to Land Rover and Volvo. Based on hundreds of hours of one-on-one deal making and diplomacy with South Carolina's Republican and Democratic Members Volvo and Land Rover will soon be manufacturing gas guzzlers in South Carolina.

Thanks to Congressman Beyer's quiet diplomacy with AB Volvo, Congressman Sanford and Congressman Clyburn will soon have a brand new Volvo manufacturing facility spread across their districts near Charleston. Congressman Beyer is also working with South Carolina's congressional delegation and the Land Rover organization to build a Land Rover manufacturing facility in South Carolina.

Meanwhile the Beyer Auto Group continues to earn tens of millions every year selling gas guzzling, environment destroying Volvo, Land Rover, and Ranger Rover SUVs, like the supercharged 510 horsepower Range Rover SVR in the photo. Congressman Beyer's many Republican friends, and some of his Limo Liberal close buds, typically use these vehicles to destroy fragile ecosystems throughout the World. But don't believe me, do a Web search on 'Range Rover off road'.

Don Beyer is a Democrat? He's more like a Country Club Republican who bought his election to Congress.

Thanks for your blog.