Friday, May 8, 2015

Lander Castigated for Four Mile Run Pollution from Ashlawn School

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In the event you missed last night's School Board meeting, School Board Chair and County Board Candidate James Lander was severely reprimanded for the silt pollution of Four Mile Run from Ashlawn School construction. Latest in a series of environmental foul-ups by APS's Facilities and Operations staff and APS's construction contractors.

Oh, turns out APS will have to raid slush funds to be able to complete Abingdon School's planned renovation and expansion because APS spent so much time and money on boutique parking lots and SUV turn-arounds that the construction costs for the school building significantly increased.

Appears that APS is clueless about Arlington Economic Development's plans to recruit thousands of Millennials for new business start-ups, so it will be interesting how "More Seats for Students" plays out in the future.

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Monday, May 4, 2015

UPDATED - New Economic Development Director Briefs Planning Commission About Arlington's Economic Future

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Arlington's new Economic Development Director, Victor Hoskins, briefed the Arlington Planning Commission tonight about his and AED's agenda for Arlington's economic development over the next five years. Basically, it's recruiting high tech Millennial-owned start-up corporations from all over the world to locate and re-locate in Arlington -- especially in those old vacant office buildings in Crystal City. Tens of thousands more Millennials are in Arlington's future. Nothing at all mentioned about the impact of more - 30,000 or so - just-out-of-college Millennials on Arlington's public infrastructure, especially the already-stressed Arlington Public Schools. Oh well, County Board and School Board will get around to handling the resulting crises when they occur.

Youtube video is available at:

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