Friday, August 26, 2011

'First Responders' Looking for Another 9-11, Don't Want to Cope With Natural Disasters

Hello, Ms. Yupette,

I finally retired from the Arlington Fire Department this year.

We've just had an earthquake that caused damage around the region. Earthquakes on the East Coast aren't even on disaster preparedness organizations' radar.

Neither are the three natural disasters that can cause serious infrastructure damage, loss of life, and human misery. They are: tornadoes, hurricanes and the concurrent damage caused by wind and flooding, and prolonged loss of electric power in winter caused by ice storms.

What the cowboys who run Arlington's emergency preparedness organizations are looking for is another 9-11 attack on the Pentagon. That just ain't gonna happen.

What am I doing to avoid the bad stuff that will happen from the hurricane that's approaching? Going on vacation. Several members of my immediate family live in central Pennsylvania. Time for a visit. Taking the perishable food from my refrigerator with me in coolers. Returning next week. Enjoy the hurricane.

Retired Firefighter

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Demonstrators, Local Residents Demand End to 'Secure Communities'

Hello, Yupette,

Last evening a large and vocal group of demonstrators demanded an immediate end to the Department of Homeland Security's so-called 'Secure Communities' program at a meeting of the Homeland Security Advisory Council. The meeting was held at Founders Hall of George Mason University, on Fairfax Drive. At least 30 uniformed police officers were present to monitor approximately 200 demonstrators. The demonstrators moved indoors and the Council members heard about 50 speakers.

The speakers overwhelmingly denounced 'Secure Communities' and called for an immediate end to the program. Several Arlington activists spoke on both sides of the issue. The most appalling statements came from attorneys who represent immigrant defendants regarding significant and serious abuses in the 'Secure Communities' program. Several local residents detailed the kafkaesque experiences they and their relatives endured after being apprehended by the police and sent to detention centers operated by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Audrey Clement Will Share County Board Ballot With Democratic Party Incumbents

Hello, Yupette,

News from the Arlington Voter Registrar's office is that no Republican or third party candidate submitted voter petitions to run for County Board by the close of the polls tonight.

So Audrey Clement will face Mary Hynes and Walter Tejada in the November elections.

Hooray! Finally we have a choice. Someone who is REALLY for the environment. Someone who is fiscally responsible. Someone who CAN and WILL say NO to Chris Zimmerman !!!

I will gladly volunteer to help Audrey. You can too. Visit her Web site: