Friday, April 3, 2015

ACPD Increasingly Punitive Towards Hipsters, Homeless, Minorities

Hi Yupette,

I will soon be retiring as a member of a local Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) because I am seeing too much punitive behavior by the Arlington Police Department directed towards Hipsters, the Homeless, and Minorities in Arlington. I don't want to continue to be any part of that.

Consequently I advise everyone to not attend any event or patronize any bar or restaurant, festival, pub crawl, anything, in the Ballston-Rosslyn Corridor, most immediately upcoming NCAA basketball championship events. These events are a win-win for Arlington's Cowboy Police (only a few of whom live in Arlington) - they get tens of millions in overtime for providing security services to the bars, restaurants, pub crawls, and they get to beat up on Urban Hipsters, who they despise.

Arlington's Cowboy Police also hate Arlington's Homeless and Minorities who are poor and non-trendy, and have little disposable income. ACPD is becoming more punitive about arresting hipsters who are over the limit for alcohol consumption and minorities who possess and use small amounts of marijuana.

Oh, regarding Arlington's new Chief of Police, he's commonly referred to around ACPD as "Murray the Schlep" for his many promotions over the years based on assignments and activities that had nothing to do with policing.

Mike 22205