Friday, November 12, 2010

County Covernment, Media, Misled Citizens About Student Population Growth

Hello, Yupette,

Why are Arlington's schools facing seriously overcrowded conditions over the next five years? Because both County Government and the local media misled citizens and voters about the size of the student population increase. Why? So school board incumbents (who the local media endorse) could build more Tah Mahal schools that will primarily function as sports and recreation centers. By the way, Arlington County employs a full-time demographer and the school system conducts a biennial census of Arlington residences.

Margaret - 22206

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ballston BID Would Fund More Live Theater

Hi, Yupette,

In the event you wondered why the County Board is advertising for a business improvement district (special tax district) for Ballston, it's the primary means of getting another performing arts center constructed, this time in the Ballston-Clarendon area, most likely on the site of the present Arlington Funeral Home. Jay Fisette is looking to put at least two live theater groups in Ballston. The Ballston BID would generate at least $3 million yearly that Fisette and other County Board members could use for vanity projects.


Monday, November 8, 2010

Arlington's Kids: 'Team Sports Ate All the Time for My Homework'.

Hello, Yupette,

It's 7 P.M. What are your kids doing? Not watching television. Not hanging out at the mall. No, they're either playing team sports or have just come home from playing team sports. Homework? Not a priority in Arlington's public schools, except it's become a take-home test our kids are graded on every day. Wake up Parents! Arlington is becoming a vast recreation, entertainment, sports complex, thanks to the Yuptards who run the County via the County Board and School Board.

Cindy - 22206

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Christmas in November for Entertainment-Recreation at Next County Board Meeting

Hey Yupette,

County Board agenda for Saturday's meeting is posted on the County's Web site, Loaded with stuff for entertainment and recreation interests, including up to $850,000 to refurbish the synthetic surface on ONE playing field. Also several live entertainment use permits involving music, which will ensure a loooong County Board meeting. So bring sleeping bags and pillows if you plan on attending.