Monday, May 10, 2010

Fiscally Responsible Independents Elected to FC City Council

Hi Yupette,

Falls Church voters signaled they had enough of double-digit tax increases to pay for extravagant "Smart Growth" projects by voting on May 4th to elect Independents Johanna Barray and Ira Kaylin to Falls Church City Council. The election was also an indication that Citizens for a Better City, the political organization that controls Falls Church, is on its way out as a political force in the City. CBC's policies and practices are closely tied to the failed "Smart Growth" policies of the Arlington Democratic Committee in adjacent Arlington County.

FC Independent


Stop Smart Growth said...

"Smart Growth" is a social, economic, and environmental cancer that's spreading across America. Time for a thread on A.Y.'s blog.

EFC said...

CBC is out of control. Falls Church schools write a blank check every year and present it to City Council. The City has a high unemployment rate. Although about 20% of Falls Church's population is minority, CBC is completely controlled by Caucasians of Western European ancestry. "Smart Growth" development is so bad it's a joke. The local newspaper publisher is even worse than Scott McCaffrey, if that is possible.

Anonymous said...

Time for new local newspapers in Arlington and Falls Church. Nick Benton and Scott McCaffrey should retire and begin second careers teaching high school journalism in "Smart Growth" sprawl suburbs where the residents were gentrified out of trendy urban areas. Try central Delaware.

Lee Hwy said...

We in East Falls Church are VERY unhappy with Zimmerman's proposed Smart Growth gentrification and traffic generation projects. He simply will not listen. He packs planning committees with people who receive public funding for their special interests and will go along with whatever he wants.

Zimmerman is a Charlatan. Smart Growth is a Charade.

22205 said...

It's the usual County Board Three Step:

Spend hundreds of hours a year meeting with "Smart Growth" developers.

Appoint "community leaders" to committees that will go along with whatever "Smart Growth" development is proposed.

Use tax dollars to reward the developers and the community leaders.

Pam said...

Meanwhile, third party candidates waste huge amounts of time bickering about party ideology.