Saturday, December 11, 2010

County Board Ignores Civic Association, Ballston Non-Profits, Creates Ballston BID 'Slush Fund'

Hey, Yupette,

Check out today's County Board meeting. Agenda Item 32. The County Board created the Ballston Business Improvement District over the objections of the Bluemont Civic Association and NRECA and other non-profits associations. The County Board even violated it's own guidelines that required the approval of at least 50% of commercial companies inside the boundaries of a proposed business improvement district to form a BID. Why all the cheating? So the County Board can use the Ballston BID as a 'slush fund' for various entertainment and recreation projects in Ballston. Just like they did in Rosslyn. Remember the Artisphere?


Friday, December 10, 2010

Year-Around Homelessness Prevention / Treatment Facility - No More Delays and Excuses

Hi Yupette,

Seen the County Board's Agenda for tomorrow's meeting? A Christmas gift for everyone's wants, paid for by taxpayers. No mention of a new year-around homeless treatment / prevention facility. Even Chamber of Commerce and County Board Booster Scott McCaffrey is tired of Arlington's Central Library used as a daytime homeless shelter. This has been going on for decades. Arlington a world class community? Only if you're a Yuppiecrat Hedo like Jay Fisette, Barbara Favola,
and Barbara Donnellan.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hynes's Future for Rosslyn, B-R Corridor - Continuous Party Zone

Hi Yupette,

The County Board and Plannuing Commission also discussed the Rosslyn Sectior Plan on Monday. Or rather, they discussed County Board Member Mary "Party's Over Here" Hynes's "vision" for Rosslyn and the B-R Corridor - a continuous "party zone". Among elements in Mary's and the County Board's "vision" are "radical elements" like closing streets permanently, closing arterials on weekends and holidays, banning motor vehicles during certain hours, and turning streets into plazas. No discussion of any "green" anything. This is the same County Board that typically approves construction of 350-vehicle parking garages under new buildings in the B-R Corridor. LOL.

Martin 22201

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Longbridge Park to Cost Up to $300 Million

Hi Yupette,

Whatever the County Board may say about stretching spending for recreation at Longbridge Park (formerly the North Tract) over the next 15 years, the County Board is planning on spending extravagantly on a mega-recreation complex in the short term starting next year. A big bond package for the Fisette Aquatics Center will likely be on the ballot next year. Like the Artisphere, the Longbridge recreation complex will never be self-sustaining. The County Board is deliberately underestimating the costs associated with a mega-recreation complex, once construction starts it will be impossible to stop no matter how expensive or extravagant.


Monday, December 6, 2010

December 6th County Board / Planning Commission Joint Meeting - Outrageous

Hello Yupette,

What was the purpose of tonight's joint meeting of the Arlington County Board and the Planning Commission? Nothing less than a session of 'lessons learned' about how to and how not to 'facilitate' Arlington's citizens into accepting whatever development the County Board and the developers choose to inflict on neighborhoods and communities.

Of course, nothing was said in County Staff's recommendations (and most of County Planning Staff don't live in Arlington County) about the quality of their planning, and quality of the development and re-development they inflict on us.

If you want a copy of County 'Planning' Staff's 'lessons learned' call the County Board office at 703-228-3130 and ask for 'Review of Arlington's Planning Processes' dated December 3, 2010.


County Board Set to Veto More Green Taxicabs, Promote More Traffic and More Bicycles

Hi Yupette,

Take a look at the County Board's agenda for the December 11th County Board Meeting. Two taxicab companies want to add 100 Green taxicabs to their fleets. The County Board is set to veto this proposal (which will cost taxpayers nothing). Instead, the County Board will add to Arlington's traffic, by, among other things, approving a new parking garage. The County Board's primary traffic mitigation strategy is to promote bicycles, a mode of transportation that is weather-dependent and unsuitable for most of Arlington's residents. The County Board's "traffic plan" is for more of the same, more traffic followed by more traffic calming. Don't want to drive? Buy a bicycle. Or, share a bicycle.

Arlington County refuses to promote, or even mention, shared vehicles as an important transportation option, then complains that demand for taxicabs is stagnant.

I'm 55 years old and I don't like bicycles. Enough of using millions of tax dollars to promote something I and most County residents won't use, while ignoring a mode of transportation almost everyone can use.

Peter - 22205