Thursday, April 18, 2013

Only Federal Law Enforcement Can Stop Zimmerman's Streetcar from Hell

Hello, Yupette,

I have HAD IT with the waste, mismanagement, and fraud being perpetrated upon Arlington residents, taxpayers, and voters by Chris Zimmerman and his County Board cronies, Jay Fisette, Mary Hynes, and J. Walter 'Nada' Tejada. And their corporate cronies, the developers and REITs, who are funding the entire Pike transit fiasco with their payoffs, kickbacks, and graft.

I, and many others, DEMAND that not only the USDOT Inspector General investigate and audit the entire Pike Transit System but the U.S. Attorney's Office and Commonwealth Attorney's office also investigate the Zimmerman Regime's criminal activities, which range from the County Manager's PR Team intimidating local media from printing information about bus alternatives to Zimmerman's trolley folly, to the pay-to-play "consulting" activities of Jay Fisette and Chris Zimmerman, to the tens of thousands in cash that were stuffed into envelopes and handed out as "party favors" last week during the U.S.S Arlington festival.

ENOUGH of the gifts, gimmes, gratuities, grifters, grafters, corporate welfare, payoffs, and kickbacks. Time to send Zimmerman to Allenwood, where he will be, for once in his life, employed earning an honest living, milking cows at 5 AM on the prison farm. Hopefully with the assistance of Jay Fisette and Nada Tejada.