Sunday, May 9, 2010

County's Xerographic Copiers Vulnerable to Identity Theft

Hello Yupette,

Did you see the recent CBS News report regarding digital xerographic copiers and identity theft?

You can see it at:

Turns out that a hard drive inside the copier retains scanned images. When copiers are replaced they are sent to be refurbished or just sold to who knows where.

This has been going on ever since copiers went digital - about 2002.

You would think with the County spending about $50 million a year on various forms of IT someone would have noticed. Nope, the old copier just gets wheeled out of the library, or wherever, and a new copier is wheeled in.



S. said...

I would not be surprised if the snoopy security people at the central library who follow library patrons around watching what we're reading aren't also reviewing the images of what we're copying.

K.T. said...

I was told by a friend who works for Xerox never to copy personal material, especially ID cards, passports, etc.

Joan 22207 said...

Where can I purchase a copier previously used by the Arlington PD? They spend 75% of their time doing surveillance on local "socialists" who ask the County Board when our streets are going to be repaved. I want to see who are calling in all the complaints about the "socialists".

Remember Kent State said...

Now it can be told.

Since 2005 various Progressive organizations have secretly purchased various models of the aforementioned digital copiers that needed refurbishing or were obsolete.

Here's some secrets we've discovered:

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc. allowed 9-11 to happen.

Tens of thousands of American homes and businesses have beeh illegally searched since 9-11-01.

At least 10 million home and business telephones, Internet addresses, and cell phones in the USA are being "wiretapped" by one or more Federal agencies.

Thousands of toms of cocaine and opiates enter the USA each year, coordinated by U.S. law enforcement, military, and intelligence agencies.

Several dozen extraterrestrial civilizations regularly visit our planet. They have shared advanced technology with our government.

This technology includes knowledge that could cure almost all, if not all, human disease and could also greatly extend human life.

Israel possesses 240-260 nuclear weapons.

The Soviet Government was responsible for President Kennedy's murder.

Almost all local governments in the DC regional are totally corrupt with elected, appointed ad employed persons receiving payments for 'services rendered' to for profit and non-profit corporations.

Anonymous said...

OK. Who is the Arlington Yupette?

A. Y. said...

A.Y. owns a small office copier with a hard drive that can be erased.

Barbara said...

Arlington PD is part of the Nanny Nancy machine that circulates malicious gossip around the County.

22101 said...

F Y I, the CIA and NSA have known Osama Bin Laden's whereabouts for many years, but he's worth more to them alive than dead.

Anonymous said...

Rumor Central is ACDC HQ. Satellite Rumor Control offices are located at ACRC HQ, Civic Federation, ACPD HQ, Chamber of Commerce, Planning, Fiscal Affairs, Transportation, and Housing Commissions, Neighborhood Conservation Commissions, and Godwin House.

D. said...

Bears repeating: Obema = Bush - Cheney.