Thursday, May 1, 2014

Arlington Cinco de Mayo 2014 - Massive 4-Day Pub Crawl

Hello, Yupette,

I wondered what Cinco de Mayo is all about historically. So I checked it out on Wiki.

How has the commemoration of a battle where an out-numbered Mexican Army defeated an invading French expeditionary force in 1862 become another excuse for the consumption of massive quantities of alcohol in Arlington Virginia? This battle is only celebrated by Mexicans in the State of Puebla where it occurred.

This year the Cinco de Mayo pub crawl starts tomorrow afternoon and lasts until Monday night. Whomever stated that bars and restaurants are one of the two growth industries in Arlington, along with new and used vehicle sales, is correct. From my perspective, as a Lyon Village homeowner, bars and restaurants are THE growth industry in Arlington.

What happened to our County? Anything resembling a suburban quality of life is fast disappearing. What can we do about it?

Larry  22201

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Fisette Spouse Keynoting Healthy Streetcars to U.S. Department of Transportation?

Hey, Yupette,

In light of the recent election of Independent John Vihstadt to the County Board, resignation under threat of expulsion by Libby Garvey from the Arlington Democratic Committee, poor planning decisions by the County Board, and increasing dissatisfaction with County Government by Arlington voters, residents, and taxpayers, I had to wonder what County Board Chairman Jay Fisette's spouse, Robert Rosen, and his executive consulting firm, Healthy Companies International, have been up to lately.

Turns out that Bob has a new keynote presentation, 'Gounded: How Leaders Stay Rooted in an Uncertain World' which he gives to various corporate, non-profit, and government organizations around the United States. Early this month Bob made a presentation to top government executives at the United States Department of Transportation, in Washington.

According to blurbs posted to the Internet, Bob's latest keynote presentation consists of  'storytelling and case studies from his interviews with over 300 CEOs. Rosen focuses on the six personal dimensions that fuel...and refuels...the world's top leaders: physical, emotional, intellectual, social, vocational, and spiritual health. Audiences will walk away with a strategy and concrete steps to adopt the Healthy Leader model that incorporates their personal goals, values, and assets'.

Bob Rosen is apparently the sole owner and CEO of Healthy Companies International. His former domestic partner, now spouse, Jay Fisette, has refused to recuse himself from deliberations when Bob's clients have appeared before the County Board, and provide a list of Healthy Companies clients with matters pending in County Government. Chairman Fisette also refuses to provide a statement of his and Bob Rosen's joint income on the grounds that same sex marriage is not legal in Virginia.

Mike 2100