Thursday, November 10, 2016

County Board Approves New Live Theater on Former Arlington Funeral Home Site

Hey Yupette,

Wonder why the County Board's closed meeting was so long Tuesday afternoon? Because the County Board made another deal for another new live theater. This one on the former Arlington Funeral Home site, at 3901 Fairfax Drive. This was a mixed use redevelopment deal that fell through ten years ago, then the funeral home was demolished, and the site's been used as a vehicle storage lot by Mercedes Benz of Arlington. County Board's deal on Tuesday revived a subsequent 2012 deal for a mixed use redevelopment of the site, including a live theater.

County Board plans to build at least two more live theaters, one in Courthouse and another in Four Mile Run / Nauck as part of a new performing arts zone to replace the present industrial uses.

As for which live theater group or groups would benefit, there is little doubt that the County Board's pet theater groups, Signature and Synetic will have major roles in the new theater's organization, management, and productions.


Wednesday, November 9, 2016

ArlNow Sought to Humiliate Clement at Democrats' Sehkraft Victory Party


AY learned early this week that the ArlNow news blog, owned and published by Scott Brodbeck, planned to humiliate County Board Independent candidate Audrey Clement during the Arlington Democratic Party's victory celebration at Sehkraft last night. Based upon e-mail provided to AY by a Clement campaign insider, Brodbeck invited Clement, who has been demonized for years by Arlington's Democrats, to an ArlNow interview at Sehkraft last night without telling Clement that Arlington Democrats would be holding their victory party at SehKraft.

Clement initially agreed to the interview, but sensibly asked Brodbeck to be interviewed in a neutral setting when she learned that she was being set up for humiliation or worse. Members of the family that owns and operates SehKraft were unaware that Brodbeck had invited Clement and other non-Democrat candidates to be interviewed at Sehkraft until told by a Clement campaign worker. The Arlington police were also informed about Broadbeck's antics.

Another episode in the ongoing saga of the media elite who profit from Smart Growth gentrification vs. Arlington residents like Audrey Clement whose moderate income apartments are slated to be bulldozed for luxury townhomes.


Sunday, November 6, 2016

Audrey Clement for Arlington County Board


AY polled our contributors and it's no contest - Audrey Clement has our endorsement to replace Libby Garvey on the County Board.

After 35 years of one-party government in Arlington time is long overdue for another Independent on County Board. Since Libby Garvey joined the County Board in 2013 the pace of New Urbanism in-fill has accelerated. The Penzance mega-development in Rosslyn, approved in secret just after Libby joined the County Board, was finlly officially approved yesterday and sets the standard of how not to plan redevelopment. It will get worse in Rosslyn, and elsewhere in the County if Libby and the County Board pack the County as much density as possible while demanding few or no proffers from developers. Any developer proffers that are offered are almost always offset by massive amounts of so-called bonus density.

Libby Garvey is great at making secret corporate welfare deals with developers. She's terrible at planning for the County's population growth, and maintaining basic public infrastructure. She's done nothing about helicopter noise in her own neighborhood. Same for crumbling streets and third world street lighting in Fairlington. She allowed school population growth to reach crisis levels when on the School Board and County Board, while marketing the County as 'Portland on the Potomac'.

Like other Arlington Democrats, Libby only gets re-elected by buying votes from special interests with tax dollars, by the County's bloated public informtion - aka New Urbanism propaganda - machine, and by revenue-hungry local media. Also by condoning behavior that's illegal, like surrogate voting and letting non-resident Democrats who vote in Arlington send their children to Arlington public schools.

We agree with Audrey Clement that the County's quality-of-life is deteriorating in Arlington's suburban neighborhoods and things will get worse. We are appalled that Libby Garvey and the County Board would even consider dis-interring the remains of one of Arlington's pioneer families so a church can proceed with so-called PTL redevelopment. That and many more secret mixed-use redevelopment 'done deals' are in our future if Libby Garvey is re-elected.