Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Virginia's Third State Song - 'Smart Growth Shenandoah'

Hi Yupette,

So Virginia now has two State songs, "At Home in Virginia" and "Our Great Virginia".

But what about our State's great heritage of Smart Growth Gentrification? The Smart Growth Elite paves over suburbia and gentrifies out the working class, middle class, everyone in Arlington with less than $100,000 in disposable income ($200,000 for families). Where are they to go? Where do Arlington residents go for recreation when every playground is a dedicated soccer field? Where does the Middle Class go for affordable housing that's affordable? Where does the Smart Growth Elite build their vacation McMansions? Where is the refuge from pub crawls?

Don't worry, be happy. The Smart Growth Elite has it all planned. Their future and ours is 100 miles away. Yup, the beautiful Shenandoah Valley. Now mostly populated by cows, sheep, and horses. Smart Growth Gentrification getting started here and there in the Valley, mostly in the older towns and cities. Never mind those smelly horses, cows, and sheep. Soon they will be replaced by vacation McMansions. Agricultural land to be bulldozed for affordable housing. And you thought the Smart Growth Elite are selfish, greedy, elitists and racists. Not true. They even had a group of urban hipsters write a third State song "Smart Growth Shenandoah" that won't become outdated soon because it will reflect the reality of life in Virginia in 2045.

Jeanne 22201