Saturday, January 29, 2011

Arlington Chamber, Local Media, Will Endorse Hynes and Tejada

HI Yupette,

Like many small buinesspersons I'm not a fan of the Arlington Chamber of Commerce which supposedly represents small business but actually doesn't. Unlike the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Arlington Chamber is also anti-minority owned business and anti-renewable energy. The Arlington Chamber's office staff are cheerleaders for the Big Business members. From what I hear in the business community look for the Arlington Chamber to endorse and support Mary Hynes and Walter Tejada for re-election. Mary and Walter support the Arlington Chamber's neo-con Big Business agenda, and make it a priority to attend Arlington Chamber functions. Look for the Post, Sun-Gazette, Examiner, etc. to endorse Hynes and Tejada. The local media are increasingly attuned to the Big Business agenda of non governmental organizations like the Arlington Chamber. The Arlington Sun Gazette has become a propaganda outlet for the Arlington Chamber via it's Editor (and Arlington Chamber Executive Committee member) Scott McCaffrey. No wonder Arlington Republicans run such mediocre campaigns. Why vote for a neo-conservative when you can re-elect an nice Republican incumbent?

Ted - 22205

Thursday, January 27, 2011

County Spending Mega-Millions on Out-of-State Mega-Deal Facilitators

Hello, Yupette,

Do you know how much Boss Zimmerman and the County Board are spending on out-of-state planning facilitators for mega-deals like Crystal City, East Falls Church, and the total gentrification of Columbia Pike? According to a planning staffer, at least $10 million per year. So, if you wondered why library hours that were cut because of 'budget constraints' can't be restored, the County Board's insatiable desire to totally urbanize Arlington via mega-development deals and gifts to pet consultants, facilitators, and design charade hosts is one big reason.

Larry - 22204

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

School Board Chair Libby "Politics First" Garvey to Run for VA Senate

Hi Yupette,

Appears that Arlington School Board Chair Libby "Politics First" Garvey will officially enter the Democratic race to succeed Senator Patsy Ticer. As you may remember Libby was largely responsible for the deterioration of South Arlington schools before SOLs and No Child Left Behind were enacted. Her defense of the deplorable state of Wakefield High School has amounted to a big yawn and a "So What?". We need Libby Garvey in the Virginia Senate like we need Zimmerman's trolley on the Pike.

Wakefield Parent

School Board Majority Signs on to Zimmerman's Massive Pike Gentrification

Hi Yupette,

In the event you wondered who else supports Zimmerman's massive Pike gentrification besides the Arlington Democratic Party, Republican Party, and Chamber of Commerce, a majority of the Arlington School Board has also signed on. Massive resegregation through gentrification is the easiest way for the Arlington School System to rid itself of low performing poor and ESL students and boost test scores. The School Board majority concluded that poor and ESL parents will never have the time and disposable income for their children to succeed in Arlington's increasingly elitist school system and the best solution is to remove 'nonconforming' students from the school system altogether.

PTA Parent

Monday, January 24, 2011

Massive Pike Corridor Gentrification + HOT Lanes Litigation =

Hello, Yupette,

Can someone please answer the following question? Why is the County Board continuing its HOT Lanes litigation against VDOT when Zimmerman is going to gentrify out 20,000 low and moderate wage workers who live in South Arlington to Prince William, Spotsylvania, Caroline, and other counties south of Arlington?