Friday, October 17, 2014

Progressive Elite Opts Out of 'New Urbanism'. Time to End 'Smart Growth'.

Hi Yupette,

I drove through Ashton Heights the other day. Home of County Board Chairman Jay Fisette and many others who belong to the Progressive Elite. No bike lanes, no car-free diet, no pub crawls, no 5K anything. Neighborhood is right out of House and Gardens. These are the people who are imposing 'New Urbanism' on me, together with their bloated County bureaucracy who live in Fairfax County, and their corporate cronies who live in some other state. And their out-of-state boutique architects who only know how to design boutique country day schools and so that's what they're designing everywhere in Arlington.

Time to end 'Smart Growth' mixed-use redevelopment and time to fix-up and renovate existing low-density and medium-density infrastructure, and replace low and medium density infrastructure with new low and medium density infrastructure. New Urbanism has done to older suburbs like Arlington what Urban Renewal did to older cities 50 years ago. Why do we allow the Progressive Elite to inflict this 'ism' on us? I have never seen any cost-benefit analysis of this religion, cult, social and economic belief system or what ever you want to call it.

Douglas Park