Thursday, March 29, 2012

Garvey Has No Problem With County Board-School Board Extravagant Spending

Hi Yupette,

I attended the County Board - School Board budget work session tonight at the School Board. Libby Garvey went along with County Government's extravagant spending agenda. It was as though she was appointed to the County Board on Tuesday by Zimmerman.

The most shocking discussion occurred when the County Board and School Board gloated over a new baseball field to be constructed at W-L High School for at least $1 million. This will not be a synthetic field and much time was spent discussing the difficulty of starting a Bermuda grass playing field. Nothing at all said about when real classrooms would replace trailer classrooms at W-L.

That's what we deserve for allowing one-party government to control Arlington for the past 32 years.


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

'Fiscal Responsibility' Wins 9-Month Term On County Board

Congratulations to Fiscal Responsibility, which won a 9-month term on the Arlington County Board today, narrowly edging Lexus Liberal Libby Garvey.

Fiscal Responsibility will enjoy a short tenure on the County Board, until an expected heavily-Democratic vote for Obama-Kaine-Moran in the November elections.

After January 2013, promises made behind-closed-doors to parents and special interests by Libby Garvey during the closing weeks of the March 27th County Board special election will end Fiscal Responsibility's term on the County Board. Libby will support the Pike streetcar and the current County Board's other pet projects and special interests. The cost of Libby's promises made to PTA insiders for elementary sports-recreation-community-education centers alone amounts to more than $300 million.

Libby will defeat Fiscal Responsibility on the County Board in January 2013 by trading hundreds of millions in tax revenue for parent and special interest votes Libby received in the March and November elections.

Thanks to Fiscal Responsibility for running for County Board in today's Special Election.

Linda, 22207

Monday, March 26, 2012

Arlington Would Lose AAA Bond Rating With Garvey on Board, Quality of Life With Kelly on Board


Have you seen the commercial real estate news? Area economy is slowing because of federal government cutbacks, higher energy costs, freeze in federal workforce's salaries. In-fill redevelopment is being put on hold, for example Akridge's plans to redevelop 500 N. Washington Street in Falls Church.

Libby Garvey's made so many promises to parents for new schools, together with her tacit endorsement of the County Board's pet vanity projects, that Arlington would surely lose its AAA bond rating if she were elected.

Mark Kelly is fiscally conservative all right, except when it comes to his friends the developers, who he would encourage to totally urbanize Arlington with a huge helping of taxpayer-funded subsidies.

Electing Kelly or Garvey to the County Board would be a lose-lose for Arlington residents. Each is committed to their respective ideology - Lexus Liberalism and Tea Party Conservatism.

In candidate debate after candidate debate Audrey Clement proved herself to be the candidate who would serve the best interests of Arlington residents, not the unrestrained social welfare and corporate welfare interests.

We urge Arlington voters to elect Audrey Clement tomorrow. You can vote at your usual polling place from 6 AM to 7 PM.

Cindy and Susan