Friday, December 21, 2012

Alexandria, Montgomery County, Moving Forward With Bus Rapid Transit


While Arlington County pursues planning and funding an obsolete, expensive, inflexible, and dangerous transit alternative for Columbia Pike - streetcars - adjacent jurisdictions, Alexandria and Montgomery County, are moving forward with bus rapid transit.

Although the Northern Virginia news media won't feature bus rapid transit you can read how BRT is being planned elsewhere by searching the Patch news blogs "Patch news bus rapid transit".

Here's another photo of a state-of-the-art bus rapid transit vehcile that's currently in service. No dangerous tracks, no overhead wires.


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

DES: "Water Main Breaks Like This, Streetcars Going Nowhere for Days"


A.Y. was on-the-scene at the water main breaks on the Pike today, between George Mason Drive and S. Four Mile Run Drive. Pike was totally blocked to traffic. DES repair crews had excavated down at least 10 feet in two places on the Pike to reach the broken water main. We spoke with a DES crew and some contractors and they stated that a streetcar system would be out of service for days if a similar water main breaks occurred with streetcar tracks in place.

Metrobuses were rerouted around the closed section of the Pike.