Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How Does Zimmerman Manage Financially?

Hello, Yupette,

Anyone else wonder how Chris Zimmerman financially manages to do what he does? He has 3 kids, hasn't worked since 1998, and his wife, Mary Beth, has been employed aa a mid-level NASA policy analyst since 2004. She formerly worked as a policy analyst specializing in alternative energy and renewable at the DOE. it appears that none of her DOE papers about alternative energy and renewable energy was ever considered by the Arlington County Board. It wasn't until late 2007 that the the County Board began getting serious about energy efficiency in residential and commercial buildings.

Randy, 22207


Hallandale Beach Blog said...

Fantastic question, Randy, as I too wondered about that sort of thing while I lived in Arlington County from 1989-'03, and saw common sense and logic repeatedly hijacked at County HQ by diktats from Z and his his fellow party functionaries and their band of eunuch acolytes.
We really could've used Arlington Yuppette back then!

For instance, there was the time that the County Board and administration acted morally perplexed as to what to do when the Arlington Homeless insisted on staying in the County HQ all day, sitting and sleeping in the chairs and couches in all the public areas, and resisting the efforts of some well-meaning people in the community to try to help them reintegrate into society.

Because of their own refusal to insist that the Homeless refrain from making the County Bldg. their own personal 24/7 'crash pad,' and actually remove them, the County Board and Police Dept. incentivised that behavior of staying in-place, by acting like it really wasn't a problem, even though it clearly was.
It was far from a secret, especially with the news media that lived in Arlington!

After a few weeks of this, and the couches starting to stink in ways that would makes your eyes water when you got within ten feet of them, the County made their genius administrative decision: they removed the furniture that Arlington County taxpayers had already paid for!
And replaced them with... nothing!

In that sense, it was the ultimate Arlington County govt. decision: political dogma trumping common sense, with taxpayers the loser once again.

Dave in Hallandale Beach, FL

Anonymous said...

Next NASA mission? Do something serious to reduce helicopter noise.

Sign the Petition said...

Dave, the Central Library has become Arlington's de facto homeless shelter.

A.Y. said...

Over the past two years several bloggers submitted this generic comment to A.Y. about persons elected or appointed in Arlington:

"X is on the payroll of the developers in this County. It's all about graft. There is no way X can live her/his lifestyle on his/her government salary."

Margaret said...

Remember Paul Ferguson "Mr. Green"?

After 11 1/2 years on the County Board the County Board finally started approving "LEED-certified" buildings, full of "green gimmicks" like bike racks in the 400-vehicle parking garage.

Paulie's wife's law firm took off like a rocket while he was on the County Board.

Anyone remember anything substantive Paulie accomplished while he was on the County Board?

County Board members take care of themselves and their developer friends and special interest groups and pet projects.

L. said...

Paulie finally said no to MLB building a stadium in Arlington.

Anonymous said...

What does Walter Tejada do when he's not coaching soccer and attending County Board functions?

Ken - 22207 said...

What does Barbara Favola do when she isn't lobbying the County Board for more special favors for her employer - Marymount University?

Anonymous said...

County Board members are paid. I think it's something like $50,000 a year.

NJ Native said...

If you are elected to public office and an attorney, professional, small business owner, etc., business is steered to your law firm, professional corporation or business.

If you are not one of the above you receive pay-offs in cash which you use to purchase food, clothing, give to your kids for spending, etc.

Cindy said...

We need someone like New York State Attorney General Andy Cuomo, who's going after the Madoff Gang and the Wall Street Gang, to go after the Zimmerman Gang.

Moderate Dem said...

What's worst than slimy Democrats? The total scum Neo-Cons who control the Arlington County Republican Committee.