Friday, June 6, 2014

Pike Streetcar Referendum Unlikely

Hey Yupette,

What's the Arlington Democratic Party's strategy for more tax-borrow-spend? Downplay the current and previous extravagant spending, delay additional extravagant spending until after November's elections, ignore opponents of wasteful and extravagant spending (the Pike streetcar), and use the County's taxpayer-funded PR propaganda machine and development-for-the-sake-of-development-friendly local media (Post, ArlNow, Sun Gazette, AIM) to boost Democratic candidates whenever possible.

Once there's an all-Democrat County Board again (never mind Libby Garvey) it will be back to more of the same - a $100 million Longbridge Aquatic Center, $450 million Pike streetcar, lots of $300,000 and $500,000 gimmes on the County Board's consent agenda for the County Board's pet people and organizations.

So don't look for a Pike streetcar referendum, 'cause there's not going to be one.

Fed Up Democrat