Thursday, February 23, 2017

Jay's Next Jam -- 4MRV Performing Arts District

Hey Yupette,

Twenty years of Gentrification Jay, aka Gourmet Jay, Fisette...Enough. So what does he do for an encore after two decades of facilitating doggie spas, live theater, and aquatics...everywhere? Anyone who's been around for awhile will remember the various antics Jay and his former domestic partner, now spouse, Robert Rosen pulled on behalf of the Signature Theater, ranging from the lengthy and convoluted theater-library planning process in Shirlington to the multiple taxpayer-funded financial bailouts of the Signature over the years.

So, what Jay's planning now, together with Arlington's various live theater and performing arts groups, is nothing less than a performing arts district in the western portion of the Four Mile Run Valley that will share the entire 4MRV with the sports and recreation groups. Never mind the businesses located in the 4MRV and the neighbors who want businesses like motor vehicle repair (and the good-paying jobs that go with the businesses) to stay in the 4MRV. Everything that isn't bulldozed will be renovated and repurposed for sports, recreation, and entertainment. Promises were made a year ago over lunch at Busboys and Poets.

That's when Jay isn't spending time at his retirement estate on Florida's Trump Coast. So hold on to your wallets after tax-paying small businesses are gentrified out to be replaced by taxpayer-funded and taxpayer-subsidized sports, recreation, and entertainment venues. The 4MRV is another target of New Urbanists who deliberately allowed public and private infrastructure (like the Signature's off-site scenery shop, owned by the County) to deteriorate for decades to facilitate re-development.

Susan in Shirlington