Thursday, August 16, 2012

Coalfields Expressway - More Coal to Power Pike Streetcar

Hi Yupette,

If it isn't bad enough that Dominion already generates 38% of its electric power from coal check out the proposed Coalfields Expressway in SW Virginia, to be funded by Virginia taxpayers to transport even more coal to Dominion's coal-fired generators. So we are looking forward to what? Fifty percent or more of the energy used to power the Pike streetcar obtained from burning coal? While the rest of the industrialized world is going to renewable energy? Appears likely if nothing is done to stop it.


Monday, August 13, 2012

Fairfax and Arlington Transportation Staffs Did Not Review Bus Alternatives

Hello Yupette,

According to several Arlington progressive activists Fairfax and Arlington County transportation planning staff members have admitted that they did not review bus alternatives to a streetcar system that have been placed in service since 2007. Those include the Las Vegas Deuce double deck bus, Las Vegas ACE articulated bus, the new London double deck bus, various new city buses, and other bus transit vehicles placed in service over the last several years..

Arlington and Fairfax County transportation planning staffs also did not perform an adequate assessment of a streetcar system's environmental costs. Dominion will be burning coal (much of it mountaintop coal) and using nuclear reactors for decades to generate electric power for Northern Virginia. About 99% of Dominion's electric power is generated by energy provided by nuclear reactors, and by burning fossil fuel and biomass, according to Dominion's own data.

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