Friday, May 11, 2012

Arlington's $568 Million Wastewater Treatment Plant - A Disaster Waiting to Happen.

Hi Yupette,

Despite what you may have heard from the County's PR Team at the last County Board Meeting about the County's "marvelous" new wastewater treatment plant, the plant's operators are barely able to keep up with alarms and major-league malfunctions at the plant. These range from bad odors, to sewage overflows, to near-explosions of toxic gasses (like chlorine) used to treat raw sewage. My neighbor works at the wastewater treatment plant and he's pretty scared that the Plant and half of South Arlington are going to blow sky-high.

Thanks for your blog, the only honest blog in Northern VA, in my opinion.


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fi$ette's Friendships With Fossil Fuel Polluters Preventing On-Site Renewable Energy

Hey, Yupette,

Every wonder why the pace of on-site renewable energy installation in Arlington is so glacial? One big reason - Jay Fisette's friendships with the fossil fuel polluters. Yep, like other VIP Democrats Jay is best buds with the anti-renewable energy National Rural Electrification Cooperative Association, which is currently at war with the EPA. In fact, Jay's domestic partner's corporate consulting firm, Healthy Companies International, recently gave NRECA a big corporate makeover. Of course, NCREA also supplies the Arlington Democratic Committee with 'free' meeting and event space.

Jay's also good buds with anti-renewable energy Dominion and Washington Gas. Jay's so-called 'Citizen Energy Task Force' was another big charade. How big? Check out what's going on elsewhere in the Northeast. There is a massive move on to install on-site solar in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. Here's a photo of a Giant supermarket in eastern Pennsylvania where a 250 kilowatt solar array was installed a couple months ago. ALL the Giant supermarkets in Pennsylvania and Delaware are having big solar arrays installed.

Meanwhile back in Arlington, the County Board is still approving LEED Gold buildings that are energy pigs. Why are we still electing and re-electing turkeys like Jay Fisette?


Monday, May 7, 2012

Planning Commission Says NO, for Now, to More Bonus Density for Increased LEED Scores

Hey, Yupette,

Planning Commission met tonight. County Board sprung a Spring surprise on the P.C. in the form of a complex corporate welfare bonus-density-for-LEED-score deal that was only sent to Planning Commission members yesterday. Planning Commission said - let's think about this. And they are the County Board's hand picked pro-development "facilitators". Obviously, Arlington County is nothing more than a development and redevelopment opportunity for any developer gang wanting a corporate welfare steal from the County Board, as the Arlington Yupette blog has stated many times.