Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Anti-Dumping Enforcement Would Be 'Too Embarrassing' for Dems, Pike Reycling Site to be Relocated

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FYI, as the result of an investigation by the County Manager's Office into the long-time illegal dumping at the Columbia Pike - South Four Mile Run recycling drop off point, the County Board and County Manager have decided to move the recycling drop off to another location at a cost of several million dollars. Space now taken by recycling bins will be available for contractors who are loyal Democrats to park their trucks overnight and on weekends.

There WAS an investigation as to who were and are illegally dumping household items and home renovation debris and the Democratic Regime decided that if the police started arresting people for illegally dumping that would prove to be too embarrassing to the Democratic leadership, since a number of Democrats were and are doing the dumping while DES looked the other way, for more than a decade.

After 30 years of one-party rule, it's become politically impossible for DES to install video cameras and for the police (who are already on the WOandD bike trail arresting Latinos for drinking beer) to apprehend people who are dumping illegally.

The relocation of the recycling drop off is supposed to occur before the next County Board meeting, so it will be interesting to see in whose back yard it ends up and where the Pike neighbors and contractors will dump their junk after September.

Pike Rider