Wednesday, April 27, 2016

County Board Adds Smart Growth Facilitation Boosters

Hey, Yupette,

Thanks for keeping us posted about Chris Zimmerman's Smart Growth America antics. But it gets worse. The County Board just again enlarged the County's Smart Growth Facilitation Team. Arlington now has a Resident Ombudsman and a Director of Public Engagement. Two more VIP bureaucrats who will give you the run-around when you ask them when your crumbling street gets repaved. How much do all the new Deputy County Managers and other County Staff get paid to cater to the wants of the tear-down developers? Know what all these fat cat bureaucrats are? People who are past-due for retirement (like County Manager Schwartz) but are promoted because they're loyal Democrat Smart Growth boosters. Oh, they either don't live in Arlington or live in an Arlington neighborhood that's exempt from Smart Growth. Like the developers they cater to. My taxes keep going up and up. For what? Why don't the developers pay their servants on the County's payroll? Thanks again for this blog.

Robert, 22204

Sunday, April 24, 2016

What Does Erik Gutshall Want for Arlington?

Hi Yupette,

I'm a long time homeowner in Bluemont. I own a modest home that's assessed for $850,000. Not what I expected when I moved here 15 years ago. Why is everything allowed to crumble while my taxes keep increasing?

Who is Erik Gutshall? Another Machine Democrat. Another Chris Zimmerman. Another Jay Fisette. Another Smart Growth fanatic. Another worthless Yuppie. Packing as much density into older residential neighborhoods like mine, while opting his Lyon Park neighborhood out of Smart Growth. Packing Arlington with idiot Millennials. Talks about "leadership" while voting along with the rest of the Planning Commission to rubber stamp every in-fill site plan the developers and the County's so-called "planners" hand him. Owns a company that does housekeeping for the so-called "Creative Class" who haven't cleaned anything since they lived with Mom and Dad, and maybe not then. Someone should ask him if he pays his employees a living wage, which is $25 / hour and-up given the cost of living here.

We don't need another "vibrant" Chris Zimmerman on the County Board who will be a facilitator for Smart Growth America and the out-of-state REITs. Thanks for your blog.

Ted 22203