Friday, August 4, 2017

Arlington's Smart Growth Government May Waste $10 Billion by 2028

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Where is the County's tax-borrow-spend one-party government taking us in 10 years? County's budget is $1.3 billion this fiscal year and County's population is set to grow by 30,000 to 40,000 over the next decade. Given that, and the County Board's extravagant spending the past few years, it's likely the County's FY 28 budget will be about $2.3 billion. We're in Year 16 of the 30 Year War on Terrorism, so that's going to continue sucking money into the region from the rest of the world for at least another decade.

So, figure the County will spend about $18 billion over the next decade. About $5 billion will be used to maintain County Government's Smart Growth addiction (i.e., as many people, vehicles, events, and activities packed into Arlington as possible with no thought to costs or consequences). Another $5 billion will be spent unnecessarily on Taj Mahal public infrastructure and all kinds of corporate welfare and extravagant pet projects and programs for the County Board's pet for-profits, non-profits, and making the County into a regional program and service provider, paid for by Arlington residents.

That leaves about $8 billion for essential services and infrastructure spread out over 10 years, or $800 million per year. About right for a county Arlington's size that's not addicted to Smart Growth and extravagant spending otherwise.

People making the spending decisions for the County either don't live here now or will be outta here in 15 years, or less, so why should they care?
Ted, 22205

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Treasurer's Office Employee: Vehicle Decals Unnecessary, Waste of Time and Money

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Last year I was having problems with my mortgage lender over signing up to having my real estate directly debited taxes by the County Treasurer. So I called the County Treasurer's Office and spoke with a nice woman who helped me with the process.

I have arthritis and don't want to have to peel off and remove any more vehicle decals. I recently called the woman back and asked her why we still have to peel off and affix decals every year. Fairfax County residents don't. She replied: "It's completely unnecessary and a big waste of time and money. We use license plate cameras and share data with other jurisdictions and DMV. The decal program is a public relations stunt. Please, don't tell anyone I told you that. Carmen doesn't like me as it is because this office is full of political hacks who do little and are paid a lot, and I resent having to do my work and theirs also."

Thank you for this blog. It's obvious that the waste in County Government goes on because the local media not only allow it but promote it.

anon from Arlington Ridge