Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sullivan Should Disclose Why He Isn't Accepting Contributions from Dominion

Hello Yupette,

I did a comprehensive Web search on Dominion Resources, Richard C. 'Rip" Sullivan, and his law firm, Reed Smith. Dominion Resources is huge and so is Reed Smith. Dominion is constantly engaged in litigation and in legal matters that require Federal, state and local administrative review and Federal, state and local permits. It's difficult to determine Reed Smith's current legal relationship with Dominion and what legal services Mr. Sullivan has provided and is currently providing to Dominion Resources.

One major project where Dominion is heavily involved is collecting the 'wet' natural gas obtained from fracking shale in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, etc, and separating the liquid hydrocarbons from the natural gas and shipping the natural gas through Virginia via Dominion's gas transmission pipelines. Dominion is building a large natural gas liquification facility at Cove Point Maryland where liquified natural gas will be loaded onto ships and exported. Dominion's natural gas pipeline (once the hydrocarbons have been separated) that connects the collection pipelines from fracking wells to Cove Point runs through Fairfax County. The Sierra Club has had a running legal battle for several years with Dominion over Cove Point.

So, given that Mr. Sullivan has stated that he has no personal animosity towards Dominion, what are the reason or reasons he isn't accepting contributions from Dominion's PAC? Voters in the 48th District deserve to know.

Patricia  22207