Thursday, September 12, 2013

Wakefield Students Grade Classrooms C-Minus, Activities A-Plus

Hi Yupette,

Just to let you know that my kids think the classrooms in the new Wakefield HS are dismal but give the activities an A+. School will be open to the public on September 22nd, so you can see for yourself.

Nice to see you in Fairlington last night. Wasn't Jim Moran a hoot? Yes, he should retire.

Karen J.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

12,000 Illegal Home Searches in DC Metro Area Since 2001...

Hey Yupette,

So the New York Times and Washington Post are disclosing the extent NSA has been conducting electronic surveillance on Americans since 2001? But how about the people who don't own personal communications devices, aren't on the Internet, or are 'suspicious' in some way? Not to worry. National and local law enforcement have experts in lock-picking and conducting warrantless searches on the scene while 'suspicious persons' are away from home. To the tune of 12,000 warrantless searches since 9-11-2001. Oh, they've installed hard-to-detect bugging devices in the homes of people who are really suspicious. Don't want to have your home searched while your're at work? Don't do anything suspicious.